To: NRA School Participants
From: Lassen Community College NRA Gunsmithing School
Subject: GSS 124 Welding Fabrication for Gunsmiths

Welcome to the NRA Gunsmithing School on Welding Fabrication for Gunsmiths.

During the next two weeks, orientation, demonstration and laboratory sessions have been scheduled covering the fundamentals and application of welding. The intent of this seminar is to present information about the welding process which is relevant to the gunsmithing profession. This is a 50 hour course designed for you to develop welding skills and techniques in the following processes oxyacetylene, shielded metal arc, gas metal arc and gas tungsten arc welding.

Projects which provide practical application are encouraged. Individuals wishing to bring and work on personal projects during the seminar are welcome to do so. You must bring your own material for your projects.


The following equipment list contains the items needed for the gas tungsten arc welding area. It is recommended that all personal equipment be clearly marked for identification:

Safety glasses
Leather gauntlet welding gloves
Pliers/wire cutters
Stainless steel & mild steel wire brush
Welding helmet (#10 shade or quick-change type)
Slag hammer
Notebook with pen/pencil
Long sleeve shirt or leather coat