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TO: NRA School Participants
FROM: Lassen Community College NRA Gunsmithing School
SUBJECT: GSS 129: Pneumatic Guns: Design, Function and Repair


Instructor: Randy Bimrose
Office Hours: by appointment
Phone: During scheduled class session: 530-251-8809, before and after class week 951-272-9451 or via email

Recommended Textbook: Exploded Airgun Drawings, 2nd Edition, by John Groenewold

Course Description:

Present an overview of airgun power plants, focusing on the multi-pump and single-stroke type sporting guns. Cover the initial inspection, special tools, disassembly, preparation of the compression cylinder and valve chamber for installation of new parts, install new parts, reassembly and subsequent testing. Limited tuning and improving the operation will be addressed. Also proper lubrication and maintenance will be covered.

Student Learning Objective:

1. Learn the proper methods for disassembly and repair
2. Determine the special tools necessary to repair the guns brought by the student
3. Learn and understand the cycle of operation in order to diagnose a malfunction for each system type
4. During the practical application phase, complete the repair and testing of a gun


Method of Evaluation:

Grading of this course will be based on the following:
Class attendance: 75%
Participation in practical application: 25%

Grading: Credit / No Credit

Key Dates (Summer 2008):

16 June: class begins
20 June: class ends