TO: NRA School Participants
SUBJECT: GSS 133: Scrimshaw

I would like to welcome you to the NRA Gunsmithing class on Scrimshaw. Those of you that attended my engraving class will find this class a natural extension of engraving.

We will spend the week doing as much hands-on work as possible, mixed with lecturing and demonstration. We will work a scrim project from start to finish, covering materials, tools, inks and oils, dot and line styles and transfers.

Please bring any scrimshaw tools and materials you may already have. Scrimshaw kits are available from Boone Trading Co. in Washington. They have a discount price for ten or more kits so please let me know very soon if you want a kit. I will then order them and bring to the class. They also have various tools and supplies as well as books. Check out their very nice web site.

Boone Trading Company, 800-423-1945,

I prefer holding my work in a ball vise (jewelers vise). If you have the traditional leather pad to work on, please feel free to bring that. The school will have Versa-Vises available for your use.

Unless you have exceptional eyesight, I recommend an optivisor because if you can't see it you can't do it! I use a number 10 lens, the strongest they have at 3.75 power (diaoptor). You may not want that much but it works for me.

You may have a particular project you wish to work on during the week, or one you need help on, or wish to design. Bring these along. ... It should be a great week for the exchange of ideas and knowledge.

Brownell’s is the definitive source for gunsmithing tools when you have trouble finding what you need in the local hardware store. They are on the web or may be reached by phone at (515) 623-4000. If you mention you are enrolled in this class, they will normally send a catalog free of charge.

I look forward to spending the week with you.


Sam Welch
Hc64 Box 2110
Castle Valley, UT 84532-9602