TO: NRA School Participants
FROM: Lassen Community College NRA Gunsmithing Schools
SUBJECT: GSS 134 Caustic blueing


I would suggest guns for blueing that include one very inexpensive shotgun or rifle for the first job. Bring one or two more as you see fit (it may be best to bring more than you think you can do so you don't run out of work).

If you select a double gun for caustic blueing it should be silver solder type and not soft soldered together, as they will separate when caustic blued. Please no aluminum framed firearms. Remember that a firearm loses much of its collectors value by being reblued.

The school provides buffers, belt sanders, benches (which you may lock with your own padlock) and vises. We also have all the blueing equipment needed. Please arrange to bring the hand tools on the attached list to the school with you. Safety glasses with sideshields or goggles are required items in the blueing room and while using the buffers and grinders.

Live ammo is not permitted in the classrooms or the lab.

You may wish to test fire your gun after this process, so bring the appropriate ammo and keep it in your car.

We look forward to an enjoyable and productive school.


Safety glasses with solid sidesheilds (AZSI Z87)
Rubber gloves (heavy black rubber)
Shop apron
Ballpeen hammer- 2 oz or 4 oz.
Plastic or rawhide mallet
1 Set pin punches
5 Assorted screwdrivers to fit firearms you bring
Gun cleaning kit
WD40 spray
10 Inch fine cut flat file (with handle)
10 Inch half round fine cut file (with handle)
1 Each 6 inch length of 1/4 steel and drill rod
1 Each 6 inch length of 1/2 steel and drill rod
2 Each 1 inch sanding belts (220 and 320 grit) 42 inches
5 Each sandpaper (220, 320 grit wet and dry ) 5 Shop rags
One roll of paper towels
Small parts basket- mild steel or stainless steel
Dust masks
Small bottle vinegar