There are NO required textbooks for this class.

Required Tools & Supplies:

Student Learning Outcome:

At the conclusion of this course, each passing student will be able to:

Course Content:

How the class works:

In lecture, we will study the various firearms and/or systems involved. To reinforce what we have studied, assignments will be made involving repair, refinishing, and/or modifications to the studied firearm parts.

To simulate real life situations, there will be due dates on all assignments. The assignments will proximate problems in the field. Many times the assignments will force you to think, i.e. I may assign the design and fabrication of a tool or parts. I will tell you what it must do, and the tool or part must be made to work.


Everyone starts off with an A and everyone is expected to get an A for a final grade. This is a potentially dangerous profession, so you must do the assignments to industry standards or better.

A note on notes:

They must be good and permanent- NO PENCIL NOTES. You can get around this note requirement by obtaining the AGI professional series course on the subject, i.e. the shotgun course for any of the shot gun classes etc. Remember, bad notes and your grade will suffer.

Method of Evaluation:

Grading in this course will be based on the following:

Class Participation and Attendance: 10%
Classroom notes: 20%
Classroom projects: 70%

Grading scale:

90-100% = A
80-89% = B
70-79% = C
60-69% = D
below 60% = F

Incompletes and etc.:

Incompletes are at the discretion of the instructor.


NO! NO! NO! If you need ammo to test fire a firearm, you turn it in to an instructor UPON ENTERING THE CLASSROOM. Failure to do so will result in your dismissal from the course.