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TO: NRA School Participants
FROM: Lassen Community College NRA Gunsmithing Schools
SUBJECT: GSS 82 General Gunsmithing

Welcome to the NRA seminar on General Gunsmithing!

I'm writing to provide you with some advanced information so that you may be well prepared for the five-day course I will be teaching.

You may also find it helpful to add to your library the Gun Digest series on firearms assembly and exploded firearms drawings. These books are available at gun shops and through DBI Books, Inc., 540 Frontage Rd., Northfield, IL, 60093. All will come in handy for reference when working on firearms that are new to you.

You will be provided with a bench to work at; however, you must bring your own basic hand tools (see recommended tool list enclosed). We provide a locker for your firearms that you will need to bring a padlock for. Bring you own guns to work on per the attached list. In addition to those guns you specifically want to work on, please try to bring at least one each of the recommended guns that are listed. If you don't have specific ones don't be put off, you will still be able to learn.

The shop has all of the specialized tools you'll need as well as a Foredom tool. If you have a Foredom or Dremel tool, bring it along, as having one at your bench will be a real time saver. Bring your own bits.

Safety glasses with side shields are mandatory!

Live ammo is not permitted in the classrooms or the labs. Bring dummy rounds if you wish to simulate cycling ammo through an action. Bring live ammo for function firing, but keep it in your car till needed.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Brownell’s is the definitive source for gunsmithing tools when you have trouble finding what you need in the local hardware store. They are on the web and may be contacted by phone at (800) 741-0015.



Notebook and pen
Toolbox that locks
Pin punch set
2 or 4 oz ballpeen hammer
Needle nose pliers
6 High quality screwdrivers assorted sizes ( do not bring any two piece sets ) Bring old or damaged screwdrivers to form into other tools
Phillips screwdrivers # 1 and # 2
8 “ Flat bastard file
8 “ Mill smooth file
Three corner file 6” or 8 “
1/8 “ Chain saw file
3/16 Chain saw file
Half round file – Fine
Needle file assortive shapes
Honing stones 1/2 x 1/2 x 6” medium and fine
Rawhide mallet
6 “ steel rule
Dial caliper
Gun cleaning kit
Degreaser (denatured alcohol or mineral )
Breakfree lubricant
“44/40” Cold blue
Pipe cleaners
Bench mat
Clamp on bench light and extra light bulbs
Sand paper ( 150 , 220 , 320, and 400 grit )
Bench block
Any specific disassembly tools that maybe required for your particular type of firearms
Safety glasses
Welding goggles or dark sunglasses
1” paint brush
2 Padlocks



Remington shotguns ( 870 , 1100 , or 1187 )
Any Colt double action revolver (except Trooper III or V ), i.e. Phthon, Offical police , The main spring type )
Smith and Wesson revolver-new style with rebound slide
Colt 1911 type autopistol
Other firearms with problem that you want to work on