From: Lassen Community College NRA Gunsmithing Schools
Subject: GSS 83 General Gunsmithing, Advanced

Welcome to the NRA Gunsmithing School for Advanced General Gunsmithing.

Required Tools & Supplies

Any gun you want to mount sights or scope on.
Appropriate sights for the job you are doing, i.e. if you are installing a scope you need the correct bases, rings and scope; if you are installing iron sights you need to bring the ones you will install.
Number drill index
Taps for threads you will be cutting
Tap handle
WD40, small can
Hacksaw with blades
Dykem blue or layout fluid
Welding goggles
Pliers you can heat parts on
1” round stock 24” long for sight installation if you have no gun to drill and tap
A bolt action rifle and stock to bed
Barrel channel tools- scrapers and rasps
¼” or ½” carbide large tooth Dremel rotary cutter
Hand held Dremel tool (optional- the school will provide one Foredom tool. To save time you need to bring your own.)
Dust masks
10 mil tape- black plastic type
2 boxes bedding material- Acraglas
Exacto Knife
Your basic tools you brought to General Gunsmithing
Any gun that needs a part fabricated that you think you can make. Keep it simple; like an extractor or firing pin, or a flat spring are some of the parts that can be fabricated. Bring the necessary steel to make that part.
Johnson’s paste type floor wax.
Hi-Force 44 Solder (Brownell’s)
Comet Flux (Brownell’s)

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this course each passing student will be able to:
* Drill and tap for both scope mounts and iron sights
* Make obsolete and unavailable springs and parts
* Solder parts and sights
* Bed bolt action rifles for accuracy

Course Content

* Safety in the shop concerning power and bench tools
* Tool usage in the Gunshop
* Drilling and tapping for sights
* Use of a drill press
* Use of a Forster Fixture
* Fabricating and fitting of springs and small parts
* Tempering and testing fabricated parts
* Types of solder and flux
* Repair of parts using solder
* Theory and principles of bedding rifles
* Types of bedding compounds
* Bedding points in stock
* Free floating vs. pressure bedding

Live ammo is not permitted in the classrooms or the lab.