TO: NRA School Participants
FROM: Lassen Community College NRA Gunsmithing Schools
SUBJECT: GSS 88 L.E.A.S. Design and Repair Single Action Autopistols

Welcome to the NRA Gunsmithing Summer School here at Lassen College!

Here is some advance information so that you may be prepared for the class.

You will need to bring the following:

At least on Colt Single Action Autopistol or other direct copy of the 1911A1 type. We will also be spending time on the Browning High Power so if you have one bring it as well. Bring as many of these styles of pistols that you have, preferably ones that are malfunctioning. While we will not be fitting custom parts as part of this class, you are free to bring them and fit them as time allows. The correct and reliable fit and function of factory parts is the focus of this class. Bring magazines for the specific guns.

Brownells is the definitive source for gunsmithing tools when you have trouble finding what you need in the local hardware store. They are readily accessible on the web or by phone (800) 741-0015 and will send you a catalog free of charge if you advise that you are attending this school.

Live ammo is not permitted in the classrooms or labs.


Toolbox you can lock
Notebook and pen
6 “or 8”flat bastard file
6” or 8” 3 Corner file
1/8 “ chain saw file
3/16” chain saw file
Set of needle files
Set of pin punches
2 oz or 4 oz ballpeen hammer
Screwdrivers to fit your gun
India or Arkansas stones 1/2”x 1/2”x 6” both medium and fine
Dremel or Foredom tools if you have them
Safety glasses
Pliers both needle nose and smooth jawed
Test ammo for your gun
Medium and fine Emory paper
Dial caliper
Gun cleaning kit
Degreaser ( denatured alcohol or mineral spirits )
Bench mat
Bench block
Clamp on bench light with extra bulbs
Extra magazines for your pistol
Ear muff
Dummy ammo for function testing
Breakfree lube
44/40 cold blue
5 shop rags
2-3 Oversize link (available from Brownells )
Any part that you need instruction in fitting correctly
Soft weighted mallet
Any 1911 Fixture you want to go over in class

We are looking forward to an enjoyable and productive session.