TO: NRA School Participants
FROM: Lassen Community College NRA Gunsmithing School
SUBJECT: GSS 98.06 Design, Function, and Repair of Long Guns

Welcome to the NRA Gunsmithing Summer School at Lassen College!

Here is some advance information, so that you may be prepared for the classes I am teaching. Below is a tools and materials list; please arrange to have these with you.

Brownells is the definitive source for gunsmithing tools when you have trouble finding what you need in the local hardware store. They are on the web or may be reached by phone (800) 741-0015.


You will need to bring at least one Remington 870 shotgun with you, as this will be the primary shotgun. Bring one Mossberg 500 if you have one. Bring a Benelli Super 90 if you have one, donít worry if you do not have one. I will also be covering the Ruger Mini-14 and the Colt AR-15 type rifles so bring them if you have them. It is to your advantage to bring as many malfunctioning long guns that you can.

Live ammo is not permitted in the classroom or the lab.


2-4 oz. Ballpeen hammer
Dial caliper Ė 0-6 inch or 1 inch micrometer
Pin punch set
Assorted files
Medium and fine emery paper
Safety glasses
Ammo for your firearms
Ear muffs or plugs
Any parts that you need assistance in fitting to your guns
Since the shops are often quite warm this time of year, you should consider bringing a fan to the school with you. We are looking forward to an enjoyable and productive time.