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TO: NRA School Participants
FROM: Lassen Community College NRA Gunsmithing Schools
SUBJECT: GSS 98.12 Cowboy Leather/Holster and Belt

Welcome to the cowboy leather / holster and belt course. Enclosed is some advanced information for you.

This two week course will teach the students how to make a cowboy holsters and a gun belt. I will teach the use of the various leather tools used in the production of the holster and belt. I will also teach the making patterns, necessary in the production of the finished product.

You will make the needed patterns, cut out the necessary pieces from a hide of leather. You will color the leather to your liking, assemble the parts and pieces, and form the holster to fit a cowboy gun. Bring the pistol or revolver for which you are making the holster.

The tools and equipment necessary in this production are as follows:

Bring your choice of 1 1/2 buckle. Tools specific to leather working may be borrowed from the Instructor. Leather will be available for purchase at the school. Numerous holster patterns will be available from the Instructor. Basic brown and black dye will be available from the school.

Live ammo is not permitted in the classrooms or labs.