To: NRA Participants
From: John Anderson
Re: GSS 98.13 Metallurgy for Gunsmiths

Welcome to the Metallurgy for Gunsmiths Seminar.

During this one week seminar we will cover the basics of metallurgy and heat treatment with the emphasis on metals encountered in gunsmithing. We will attempt to fill in some of the blanks between known art and the theory so that students may apply the basic science to solve new problems they might encounter.

Course Objectives:

1. Understand the crystalline structure of metals
2. Be familiar with common steel manufacturing methods
3. Understand the AISI steel classification system
4. Understand metal performance measures and testing 5. Understand common terminology applied to steels
6. Understand how treatment times and temperatures are derived for hardening steels
7. Understanding how tempering times and temperatures affect steel performance
8. Understand precipitation hardening for aluminum

Tools and techniques available to the gunsmith in a small shop setting will be emphasized

Materials Needed:

1. Welding Gloves
2. Safety Glasses
3. Sand paper/ Emery Cloth for cleaning and polishing parts, 120, 240, 320 grit
4. Files for dressing parts
5. Light oil to coat parts after heat treat

I also STRONGLY recommend that you wear long sleeve shirts and long pants, as we will be working with the furnace and torch a great deal. Itís much easier to prevent burns than to heal them!

I look forward to seeing you this summer. If you have any questions, please contact me through the Lassen College Gun Shop at (530) 251-8809 or via email at

Please see course outline on following page.

Outline of Subjects Covered:

A. Structure of Steel
B. Phases of Steel
C. Hardness Consideration
D. Heat Treatment Process for Steel
E. Aluminum
F. Experiments