Tool List - General - All Courses

Note: You will need many more tools and supplies than are listed here,
but these are the "general" tools you need to obtain before becoming part
of the Gunsmithing program.



Tool Box, Large 27”x9”

Notebook and pen

Dial Caliper, 0-6”, .100 face or digital

Feeler gauges, leaf type

6” steel ruler

60 degree center gauge

Number 3 center drill

File card

10” adjustable wrench

Safety glasses

Ear protection

Protractor, adjustable, rectangular head

Small calculator

Allen wrench set to 3/8”:
Stones 1/2 x 1/2 x 6”
Shop rags

Paint brush, 2”, cheap

Dial Indicator, 0-1”, magnetic base

Shop apron or short sleeve coat

Cleaning rods:
Bore brushes


Cleaning patches

Cleaning bore solvent

Ball peen hammers:
Pin punches

Regular screwdrivers, not the replaceable tip kind, 6ea

Padlock, 2ea

Depth micrometer, 0-1”

Pliers (cheap):
Sandpaper 5ea:
Steel wool, 0000

Denatured alcohol or mineral spirits

“Simple Green”, spray bottle

“Breakfree” gun oil

Bench block

Tooth picks


“44-40” cold blue (Brownells)

“Loctite”, blue

Single blade razor blades

Pipe cleaners

Dust masks

“Dremel” or “Foredom” tool

Bits for above tool

Masking tape, 1”, roll

Welding helmet, #10 lens

Thin leather welding gloves

Wire brush, stainless steel

1/16 2% Thoriated Tungsten rod, 1 pkg

Shirt, heavy(not insulated), long sleeve

Drill indexes (USA): Numbered, Fractional and Lettered

Endmills, center cutting HSS:
Lathe bits, China or India HSS:
Edge finder, mechanical

Taps: Similar to Brownells #2

Tap fluid

Tap handle(see Brownells #2)

Hacksaw: Good quality blades, 20-24 TPI

Propane torch and torch lighter

Tooth brushes, 2 ea

Baking pans, small

C clamps:
Tape measure

Machinest square, 4”

Level, cross test

“Dykem” marking fluid

“Sharpie” pens


"True Oil"

Scribe, carbide

Penlight, AA



Brownells 800-741-0015
Midway 800-243-3220
MSC 800-645-7270